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Redemption Rewards Programme


This is our latest REDEMPTION REWARD PROGRAMME. The main purpose of this programme is reward our loyalty customers. Customers can using Wiczy Reward Points (WIC RP) to redeem order discount when checkout. This programme is allow all class of customers participate.

How To Get Wiczy Reward Coins (WIC Points)

For every RM1 spent on all category products in a single invoice, you will receive 1 WIC Points when invoice created. So the more you spend, the more WIC Points you can get to redeem order discount when checkout next time. Below is a example of calculation WIC Points amount get table.

Checkout Total AmountWIC Points Amount
RM29.99 29
RM30.00 30
RM59.99 59
RM60.00 60


Where To Redeem Reward

Currently this programme is on BETA. We only offer order discount when checkout. Customers can use the WIC RP to get discount on payment method process when checkout.

WICZY Reward Points Rate

Below are WIC Points convert order discount rate:

WIC PointsDiscount Price
500 Point RM 1.00
*All discount price are count in currency MYR.


  • WIC Reward Points only can only use for redeem discount on checkout page.
  • WIC Reward Points is untradeable.
  • WIC Reward Points cannot use for redeem money.
  • Order item return will be restore WIC RP.
  • WIC RP will added to account after order status is completed.
  • Purchase WIC Credit is NO any WIC points.