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Wiczy Credits

Wiczy Credits

Wiczy credits is a type of pre-prepaid payment method. Wiczy credits make payment easily for repeat customers while checkout. Wiczy credit payment method let customers pay for any products using the funds of their Credit Balance any time. It allow customers to make multiple purchases until the total value specified is exhausted. Customers can top up credit balance by purchase virtual product at store that named "WICZY CREDIT" or RECHARGE CREDIT on customer's MY CREDIT page. Furthermore, wiczy credits are no any expire date, it available customers to save the credit balance for next time use. Below table shown the convert of wiczy credits rate:

Wiczy CreditCurrency
0.01 RM0.01
0.10 RM0.10
1 RM1.00
10 RM10.00
*Other currency please contact wiczy customer support for more details.


Payment method for top up store credits balance

We are accepted payment via Cash Deposit Machine, ATM Machine Payment and Internet Banking. For payment detail please visit payment methods.


  • Wiczy credits are a virtual credits on website.
  • Minimum value of top up store credits are RM1.
  • No any limit store credit amount used on per order.
  • Wiczy credits can use to make payment on WICZY checkout page.
  • Wiczy credits are untradeable.
  • Wiczy credits are not exchangeable back to cash.